Ladder Shelf


This modern leaning bookcase, also called the "Z Shelf," is made out of solid white oak and also comes in walnut. The shelves are inserted in slots that have been cut out of the solid white oak rails that sit on each side of the shelves.

Total dimensions of shelf: 70"Hx24"Wx15"D. The distance between each shelf is 14-inches, starting with the bottom shelf.

Each shelf gets progressively shorter by 2-inches with the bottom shelf starting at 15-inches deep and the top one ending at about 7-inches deep.

This leaning bookcase is incredibly sturdy and comes to life when you start to decorate it. The modern look fits well into almost any space, and can easily become the centerpiece of any living area.

Because we hand-build all of our furniture, each piece has the mark of a hand-made object, and unique characteristics inherent to the natural beauty and variation of original materials.