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Cutting Boards

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As we build custom furniture, we often end up with extra pieces of wood. Instead of letting them pile up in our shop, we instead like to me unique-looking cutting boards, perfect for serving chopping up food or even used as a beautiful serving tray.

All boards are available in small (20x16) medium (24x20) or large (26x22) and in Maple or Walnut. Fruit woods are considered to be some of the best for cutting on, particularly because they safer due to the nature of them being from fruit trees.

As with all our products, each of these is hand made which means each piece bears the mark of a hand-made object lovingly crafted from natural materials, showcasing the unique beauty and variation inherent to the wood.

All boards are finished with a high-quality, all-natural board wax that doesn't contain any VOCs and is environmentally safe.

  • Most of our boards are either made of Maple or Walnut. Occasionally, we'll come across something more rare and exotic.
  • For our boards, we use an all-natural board wax. These contain no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which are known to be are hazardous to both people and the environment.

  • DO NOT. WE REPEAT, DO NOT put these boards in the dishwasher. All boards should be hand washed. Occasionally, you'll want to re-oil or rewax your board when it starts to look dull or dry.