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AbdoBuilt was started in 2017 out of a deep desire to create simple, modern furniture made from solid wood.

Usually, when you shop for furniture, you're presented with just two or three options in terms of size. We think if given a choice, most folks would prefer a size that is either smaller or bigger than what is offered to them.

On top of that, most furniture out there that claims to be "wood" is often not. It's usually a low-grade composite material covered in veneer, or it's an inferior grade of wood that is stained with harmful chemicals to make it look like it's something else.

Most of this type of furniture is only built to last only a few years.

At AbdoBuilt, we believe in building simple, modern furniture with materials that Mother Nature has provided us. We don't stain our furniture, and we only use finishes that contain no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

In addition to that, we want to give you the freedom to pick from a wide range of sizes, which we believe will help make your space feel as comfortable as possible. And because we use 100% solid wood, our furniture is built to last. Not just for the next few years, but your entire lifetime.